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Cavalier Consulting & Bookkeeping

Cavalier Consulting & Bookkeeping was established in 2013 as a business that offers end to end bookkeeping services to those small business that do not have the time, or desire to keep their books in order.

We set ourselves apart from the rest by treating every client as they are our family. We strongly believe in not just providing compliance and accuracy but passing on our wealth of knowledge to you to assist in the growth of your business. With the personal service that we provide, engaging a bookkeeper is no longer an expense to the business, but an asset.


Our Team

Charlotte Curtin


Having lived and worked in Melbourne for many years, Charlotte decided to leave the corporate world behind and focus on small businesses and ways to take the pressure off business owners. Charlotte has worked her way up the corporate ladder, starting as a Credit Controller, before becoming an Accounts Clerk, and eventually an Assistant Accountant. Charlotte has managed teams of up to 20 staff, but her heart has always been in helping small businesses.

Her sole goal is to allow small business owners to focus on what they know best, and leave the bookkeeping to her.

Tukta Curtin

Chief Eating Officer (CEO)

Tukta is a founding staff member of Cavalier Consulting & Bookkeeping. She regularly can be found welcoming people into the Cavalier Consulting & Bookkeeping office.

Sanook Curtin

Chief Fetching Officer (CFO)

Sanook is the newest member of the Cavalier Consulting & Bookkeeping team and can often be found sleeping on the job. Like all young team members, Sanook is full of life and is our advertising guru having recently appeared on the front page of a local newspaper for her participation in the Million Paws Walk.

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